Fight pits

Fight pits Fight pits is a safe minigame located in the Tzhaar caves. Players battle each other in an arena. It is a free-for-all arena, meaning that there are no official teams and players can attack each other freely. However, sometimes players team up with each other to eliminate everyone but their team members. Usually

Warriors Guild

Warriors Guild Warriors Guild Members Area? No Amount of Banks 1 Amount of Altars 0 Points of Interest Minigame, Shop Accessibility Combat bracelet The Warriors guild is a place where players can obtain defenders and train their Combat skills. Unlike on Runescape, players do not need any Combat requirements to enter the Warriors Guild. Location

Fight Caves

The TzHaar Fight Caves is arguably the hardest activity in Graardor besides the Fight Kiln, which is said to be 3-4 times harder. To win this activity, the player will need to have high combat skills and powerful equipment. The Fight Caves is a combat based Minigame in which the player has to single handedly

Pest Control

Pest Control Pest Control is a minigame that involves teamwork. Players spawn in a boat where they have to wait until at least 5 players come in the game. After waiting a bit, players spawn in the game where they have to find and destroy the portals while protecting the Void knight. The Monster Portals

Clan Wars

Clan wars white portal Clan Wars is a minigame area where you can challenge your friends to duels outside of the wilderness. So far, this is the only released area where you can challenge your friends in a safe zone that has no objective but to kill enemy players. This is the preferred spot by

Castle Wars

Castle Wars Castle Wars (Previously F2P Wars) is a combat-orientated mini-game that is similar to “Capture the Flag”. It is located west of Yanille. Travel Castle Wars is found in the South-West corner of Kandarin and may be accessed via the Minigame Teleport found in the spellbook. You can also make your way to Castle

Duel Arena

Duel arena The Duel Arena is a place where you can fight against your friends, or risk your items in the hope of making money. The Duel Arena is located North-East of Al Kharid. You can get there with a Ring of Dueling or via the minigames teleport spell on the magic book. It is

Witch’s Potion

Witch’s Potion Start Point: You can start this quest by talking to Hetty in Rimmington. Difficulty: Medium Description: Make the Witch’s potion, for a fine reward. Length: Medium (30-60 minutes) Requirements: Level 76 Fishing, Level 5 Farming, Level 80 Cooking (Skills Optional) and the ability to defeat a Level-2 Giant rat Items required: Harpoon, Any

Cooks Assistant

Cooks Assistant In this quest, the player must deliver a bucket of milk, an egg, and a pot of flour to the Cook to prepare a cake for the Duke’s birthday. Start Point: Lumbridge Castle, inside the kitchen. Difficulty: Easy Description: Deliver ingredients to the Cook for the Duke’s birthday cake. Length: Short Requirements: None

Rellekan Dispute

Rellekan Dispute Start Point: Speak to Mayor Hobb in Relleka Difficulty: Medium Description: You’ll have to ride a boat. Then fight an evil boss. Length: Medium (10-30 minutes) Requirements: 90 Strength 80 Firemaking Items required: Beer A tinderbox 150,000 gp Food (recommended) Potions (recommended) Enemies to defeat: I don’t remember my name (level-385) To start