Updates 28/12/2017 – Highscores

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Donator Information & Benefits

Donator Benefits Donator is a feature in Graardor which allows you access to a variety of exclusive content. Donators Donators can be indentified by the red currency symbol to the left of their name. Donator can be purchased from the gsp shop when purchasing anything worth 100Gsp. Donators have access to exclusive in-game areas. Donators

Vampire Slayer

Vampire Slayer In this quest, the player must use an assortment of items in order to slay Count Draynor, the vampire who resides in Draynor Manor and has been tormenting the Draynor Village residents. Start Point: Draynor Village, inside Morgan’s house (north of the bank) Difficulty: Easy Description: Draynor Village is plagued by a vampire.

Lost City

Lost City Start Point: Lumbridge Swamp (West) Difficulty: Medium Description: Your journey will be based on the creation of a certain magic staff. Length: Short. ~10 minutes Requirements: 31 Crafting 36 Woodcutting Items required: Hatchet Knife Enemies to defeat: Level 110 Tree Spirit. Getting Started Teleport to Draynor village and run southeast until you see

Undead Riot

Undead Riot Start Point: Castle Wars Difficulty: Description: Halloween quest 2012 Length: Long if you decide to plant the redberries. Requirements: 10 Farming (Not required but recommended) 10 Cooking (Not required but recommended) 60 Woodcutting (Not required but recommended) Items required: Axe (Only if you have 60 Woodcutting) 19 gp Redberry seed (Only if you

Barrows Minigame Guide

Barrows Also called Barrows Members Area? No Amount of Banks None Amount of Altars None Points of Interest Mounds of grass Accessibility Dueling ring or Minigames Teleports Barrows is a combat based minigame in Graardor in which the objective is to defeat the six Barrows brothers. Each Brother resides in their own tomb which does