Witch’s Potion

Witch’s Potion Start Point: You can start this quest by talking to Hetty in Rimmington. Difficulty: Medium Description: Make the Witch’s potion, for a fine reward. Length: Medium (30-60 minutes) Requirements: Level 76 Fishing, Level 5 Farming, Level 80 Cooking (Skills Optional) and the ability to defeat a Level-2 Giant rat Items required: Harpoon, Any

Cooks Assistant

Cooks Assistant In this quest, the player must deliver a bucket of milk, an egg, and a pot of flour to the Cook to prepare a cake for the Duke’s birthday. Start Point: Lumbridge Castle, inside the kitchen. Difficulty: Easy Description: Deliver ingredients to the Cook for the Duke’s birthday cake. Length: Short Requirements: None

Rellekan Dispute

Rellekan Dispute Start Point: Speak to Mayor Hobb in Relleka Difficulty: Medium Description: You’ll have to ride a boat. Then fight an evil boss. Length: Medium (10-30 minutes) Requirements: 90 Strength 80 Firemaking Items required: Beer A tinderbox 150,000 gp Food (recommended) Potions (recommended) Enemies to defeat: I don’t remember my name (level-385) To start

Rag and Bone man

Rag and Bone man Start Point: North-east of Varrock. Difficulty: Medium Description: The Bone man has a task for you that involves the killing of monsters.. Length: 30-45 minutes Requirements: 15 Woodcutting 15 Firemaking Items required: 7 pots of vinegar Tinderbox Oak logs. 100 Coins Enemies to defeat: Goblin Bear Moss giant Ram Unicorn Zombie

Recipe for Disaster

Recipe for Disaster Start Point: Lumbridge Castle Difficulty: Medium Description: You will have to kill a series of bosses. Length: Short. 5-10 minutes depending on your combat skills. Requirements: Knowing how to use combat. You can either use ranged/magic/melee. Items required: None Enemies to defeat: You will have to fight 6 enemies consecutively (highest is

Mastering Enchancement

Mastering Enchancement Start Point: Neitiznot South Difficulty: Easy Description: You will have to slay 156 Killerwatts in order to capture them and complete the quest. Length: Moderate (Approximately 20-40 minutes) Requirements: 30 Summoning 30 Hunter 37 Slayer Items required: Insulated boots Enemies to defeat: 156 Killerwatts You start the quest off west of South Neitiznot,


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